Level-Ice – laser-accurate ice resurfacing and levelling system
Innovative. Accurate. Cost-effective.

  • Struggling to achieve a consistently smooth ice surface?
  • Spending hours on manual checking after every cut?
  • Need to reduce maintenance time and increase rink rental time?

Achieve a superior ice surface after every flood in less time with less labour with the Level-Ice Laser Levelling System.

This innovative laser-controlled ice levelling system provides an accurate reference point to within 0.5 mm. Using the most advanced receiver technology, Level-Ice controls the cutting blade of the conditioner to give your ice a perfectly level surface after every flood.

Level-Ice is the ice surfacing technology of choice for hundreds of ice rinks in Canada and the US, and for major NHL teams. To discuss how Level-Ice can help your facility achieve consistent ice AND deliver cost savings too:

Level-Ice allows your ice maintenance crew member to focus on driving, not cutting. An electric drive motor replaces the manual crank and completely automates the process of cutting a consistent ice thickness. Using real-time data, the Level-Ice Laser Levelling System automatically controls the cutting blade of the conditioner to achieve an accurate, level ice surface.

The Level-Ice system can be installed on all ice resurfacing machines, including the Zamboni range of ice resurfacers.

Reduce your ice rink maintenance time and labour costs with our efficient, automated ice resurfacing technology.

  1. Provide consistent level ice without the need for time-consuming manual checks
  2. Reduce resurfacing cut to save paint lines and fabric branding
  3. Reduce wear and tear on your ice resurfacer
  4. Reduce amount of snow
  5. Eliminate operator error with pre-set minimum and maximum cut levels
  6. Reduce energy usage for floods
  7. Reduce water consumption on every flood
  8. Reduce run time on your compressor
  9. Extend ice resurfacing blade life by approximately 50%
  10. Reduce on-ice maintenance time
  11. Free up ice time for rental
  12. Retro-fits to all popular ice resurfacing machines

Level-Ice in action

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