Latec Machine Control Research and Design

New product design and development is a crucial part of our company’s goal to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

The machine control industry is changing fast, with emerging technologies allowing even greater degrees of control, autonomy and accuracy. Technologies previously only available to high-end solutions are now part of affordable and cost-effective systems for construction companies, and farmers.

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We know that you, as our customers, are increasingly aware of the possibilities and potential of automated and autonomous solutions. We know also that you use advanced technology every day and expect the same quality of performance on your machine control systems as on your PCs and cell phones!

That’s why Latec Machine Control is driven by market research, focusing on our customers and what their control needs are. We primarily seek out production opportunities, but we will develop single off systems as well.

Our product range is developed by us, in-house. This ensures our Canadian-based production processes are as efficient as possible. So our products are technically superior, which in turn gives you and your business an advantage over your competitors.

Unlike other technologies, we also ensure that our machine control systems can be retro-fitted to your existing heavy machinery. By incorporating the latest technology into easy to use systems for existing plant equipment, you can achieve significant savings in terms of project time, the learning curve for employees and machine replacement costs.

LMC likes to develop a research and development alliance with you as our customers too. This mutually beneficial relationship allows for the development of a set of agreed goals while remaining independent organizations. By combining our knowledge with our customers’, we can better understand your needs and then develop new innovative products.

Alongside our extensive range of replacement OEM and after-market control system cables, we also offer a custom-made service. Years of experience has shown us that customers like you have a custom install or unique piece of equipment  that you depend on. When custom parts wear out or get damaged, a stock cable or mount just won’t work.

Our custom cable service offers a fast and efficient way to get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible. Once we get your specifications, our goal is to have that custom cable, bracket, harness, or mount on its way to you in 24 to 48 hours.

At Latec Machine Control, we constantly monitor and research the latest innovations in cable technology to ensure our OEM / after sales cables are robust and durable.

Our cables are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand daily use even in the harshest of environments, and deliver consistent performance. This includes:

  • Meet all required US and Canadian standards
  • Durable insulation and sheath materials including armored cables
  • Choice of industry-standard, secure connectors
  • Large stock control cables with different lengths

Originally developed by Latec Instruments Inc., Level-Ice was originally a segmented line of products for Ice Recreational markets. In 2011, Latec Instruments Inc. registered the Level-Ice brand to increase specialized service to the growing market.

Today, Latec Machine Control focuses on delivering precision laser-focused levelling systems and tailored ice resurfacing equipment. Advanced receiver technology enables the system to control the cutting blade, based on the variable ice thickness detected while resurfacing. We continually update Level-Ice with cutting edge features, to provide even greater efficiencies for your ice surface maintenance team – and bottom line budget.