It’s not often we do on-site installation and training, but unique circumstances call for unique arrangements. Recently, the Latec Machine Control team was trusted with installing an EG2 system on a very special machine.

This machine was owned by John Mason, who suddenly passed away last October at age 67. Mason was the inventor of the “Johnny Blade”, a patented laser guided grading device. He was a well known friend and associate of many at LMC.

John’s Kubota was purchased by Oxford Paving. When they reached out to ask for LMC’s help with the machine, we immediately agreed. We were able to size up and make sense of Johnny’s system, and install a new EG2 with dual receiver after some custom tweaks.

The day wrapped up with an outdoor training session to ensure the contractor and his staff could operate the Johnny Blade to its full potential. After all, we know that’s what John would have wanted … and it’s what we want as well.