A sneak peak behind the scenes: new facility tour video

Tour our facility and see behind the scenes at Latec Machine Control.

Our new video guides you around our facility in Exeter Ontario. It’s a busy place, as it’s where we design, manufacture, build and produce all our Latec Machine Control, Futtura and Level Ice laser machine control systems.

It’s also where we create our after-sales replacement machine control cables, and create custom cable harnesses, bundles and connector combinations for our customers worldwide.

So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Our company was established in 1994 and has evolved over the years. Latec Machine Control was formed in 2021 from two leading businesses in machine control, Latec Instruments Inc and Machine Control Supply.

Welcome to our facility located in Exeter, Ontario, Canada. (upon front door entry)

There are many stages to our production area. Including our specially designed over mold machines to ensure top quality cables.

Each cable goes through a strict quality control process and is individually tested by production technicians.

Our over braiding machine allows the cables and harnesses to be resistant to cuts and protected from the elements.

The harness board allows for easy and efficient construction of larger and more complex harnesses.

Latec Machine Control stocks thousands of components to minimize lead times so that our customers’ projects stay on schedule.

Our automated wire cutter and crimper accelerates the cable production process.

In an additional production area our technicians produce machine control systems, including our level ice and econograde products.

Every product is put through rigorous testing procedures with our state of the art calibration equipment.

Every unit is sealed with anti-corrosive silicone to protect the internal circuit boards from vibration. Our laser receivers are sealed with dry nitrogen to prevent moisture from condensing inside.

All of our research and design is done in house by our engineering team with decades of experience.

We would like to thank our loyal customers and we will continue to strive to exceed expectations on everything we build.

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